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 (Utility Model Patent № 52976, April 27, 2006; A Method and Apparatus for Generating Steam International patent application PCT/RU2016/000300, May 20, 2016.)

Steam output: up to 200 kg/hour,

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is a brand-new type of steam generators having no analogs in the market due to its untraditional design operating without any of the classical heating elements like a boiler, gas burner, heating coil, electrodes, or such to transform mechanical effect on a liquid into the heat, and without scale formation too.


A steam generator comprises a body ring (stator) and two rotary disks (rotor) with steam generating elements of specific construction (cavitators). The rotating disks provide disruption of a liquid flow and intensive cavitation process.

    The cavitation in a liquid generates vacuum bubbles which instantaneously collapse forming microzones of substantial pressure differences. The liquid multitudinously instantly vaporizes and subsequently instantly condenses with an ample calorific effect. That is, the principle of heating a liquid in a cavitational steam generator is completely different: neither an external heat source as such, nor a heat transfer surface are involved, since the heat originates directly inside the liquid and remains therein. The calorific process takes place inside” the liquid with minimal thermal losses.

    Salts and impurities do not encrust thermal exchange surfaces in contrast to classical heating and heat transfer processes. They are retained in the liquid to be rejected outside.

       Water heating by its rotation at supercritical velocities actually allows to completely avoid saline sedimentation (incrustation) on heat exchanging surfaces while utilizing for evaporation any type of water without chemical pretreatment, and to produce vapor or steam-and-water mixtures with diverse chemical additives and reagents.

       The unique features of the hydrodynamic steam generator make it worth speaking about its considerable advantages over the other specimens of conventional steam generators and, therefore, about its indisputable competitive superiority in the market.

       Mobile steam generators are applicable in most varied fields due to their moderate dimensions and weight, as well as prompt plug-in and star-up.

           OOO Technik manufactures both stationary and movable electric steam generators, as also mobile steam generators with a diesel engine and hydrodrive.

Comparative Table


Steam Generators



Water chemical conditioning

Not required

Expensive procedure is obligatory

Start-up time


Long: boiler heating, and etc.

Boiler inspection


Boiler inspection, personnel attestation, and etc.

Output versatility


steam-and-water mixture, etc.

Steam only


High –

direct flow, through mode

Boiler heating and cooling


Mobility  –  a trailer, a vehicle


Operation mode


short-time, long-time, nonstop



No heavy-wear parts

Electrodes, heating coils, burners, and etc.



Lower electric and fire safety




·    In production processes comprising thermal treatment: heating, steam degreasing and cleaning, steaming, sterilization, disinfection, as also processing of dairy, meat and fish products;

·    In processes requiring washing with parallel sterilization and decontamimation of stubborn impurities, for equipment in foodstuff, petroleum, and other technologies of the kind;

·    In various other technologies (e.g. manufacture of rubber, foam rubber, and etc.).


·     Construction material fabrication;

·     Concrete steaming;

·     Sand and crushed stone warming;

·     Carrying out construction operations: ice and snow scrubbing off reinforcement steel, precipitation and dust blowing off foundation formwork before concreting.

Oil extraction:

·     Scouring paraffin dirt inside oil and gas pipelines, including field repair works;

·     Cleaning and washing parts and aggregates of automobiles and diverse processing equipment;

·     Steaming storage and transport tanks, defreezing and warming manifolds, valves and fastenings of all types and purposes;

·     Improvement of fuel rheology (diesel, black oil, petroleum).


·     Humidifying and heating air (in hothouses);

·     Damping raw materials - in animal husbandry for preparation of compound fodder, in brewage, light industry, pharmaceutics, woodworks.

Emergencies Ministry services:

   mobile backup steam generator for emergencies in cold seasons.

Prospective developments:

·     Obtaining process steam from sea water (brine).

·     A bathhouse steam generator (for Russian banya) with possibility to add various natural flavoring agents and sea salt.

·     Low-temperature antibacterial disinfection of water, milk, and etc.

·     Cavitation intensifying and stimulating effect on applied chemical processes.

·     Direct heating of chemicals - solutions of acids, salts, alkalis, and other aggressive media.

·     Warming steam jackets of tank cars and heating railroad cars.


The underlying advantage of a steam generator over a high-pressure washer is in the volume of water necessary for washing and cleaning, which is dozens of times less. Further advantages are in the capability of removing almost insoluble coatings, in practically zero residues of waste water after washing.

High-temperature (160°С) antibacterial disinfection of surfaces also speaks in favor of the steam generator.

·     Scouring facades, posts, fences, children's playgrounds, benches to scrape away mud, paint, glue, outdated advertisements, gums, and so forth.

·     Purification and steam treatment of refuse chutes and plots for garbage containers.

·     Ablation of ice, icicles, hoar frost, and snow from costly encasements (tiled stairways of stores, facade linings, minor architectural forms, benches, walkways, handrails, and so on).

·     Сleaning and disinfection of public toilets and biotoilets, especially in winter.

·     Stripping (evaporation) of fat and oil patches from the road and pavement surface.

·     Defreezing and warming pipelines and valves.

·     “Punching” ice and snow clogs in sewage for thaw water drainage (see demo reel).

·     Steam thawing frozen well manholes.

·     Washing municipal automotive vehicles and equipment.

·     Washing and disinfection of public transport.

·     Cleaning and antibacterial treatment of upholstered and carpeted rooms, corridors, and halls of buildings.

·     Winter time contingencies for the housing and municipal services as well as the Emergencies Ministry agencies.


An autonomous movable mobile steam generator supplied with a store of water, fuel, and a kit of hoses, nozzles, and other accessories for defreezing, washing, scrubbing, and etc. 

Steam capacity - up to 200 kg/h; pressure - up to 6 kg/cm2; temperature - up to 160°С.

            The steam generator's short warm-up time, capability to operate on any water without water chemical conditioning, functional economy, safety, small sizes and weight are the cases for the apparatus use in sundry application spheres.

Builds proposed:

· a detached module in a container transportable by a truck;

· a detached module inside a caravan towed anyplace;

· a detached module in a truck box-type body.


 Use as a hydrodynamic mixer:

·    For mixing heterogenous liquids (to compound resistant undelaminating emulsions, compose new fuel mixtures, improve the rheology of “old” petrochemicals, obtain multicomposites - adhesives, paints, and etc.);

·     For acceleration of chemical reactions in industrial processes.

   The use of such hydrodynamic mixers compared to traditional techniques proves more effective.

      The cavitational mixture disintegrates molecule clusters of a liquid to facilitate interpenetration of dissimilar fluids and their intermixing on the level of molecular structures. Molecules of liquids of one kind are surrounded by other specimens of molecules, which expedites formation of new clusters incorporating molecules of diverse liquids, i.e. resistant emulsions.

      Chemical reaction velocities increase due to the intensive agitation, heating, and expansion of the substances' interreaction surface area during cavitational bubbles formation.


  You are welcome with ideas and proposals on joint funding novel developments and new models to be tailored against specific applications of cavitational hydrodynamic steam generators and mixers.

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